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Would you like to submit an essay, commentary, or book review for publication on Belle's Library? You can make a one time commitment, or sign on to submit regularly. I'm looking for any kind of writing on books. You can submit commentaries, essays, book reviews, book memes, quizzes, author fun facts...the options are endless!

Please understand that not all genres will be represented here. At this time, we're looking mainly for nonfiction, women's fiction, and classics. The current readers of this blog are mainly women. If you think you'd be a good fit, please review the following submission guidelines:

*If you are a first time contributor, please contact me before preparing your submission. This way, you can give me an idea of what you're wanting to post and I can let you know if it would be a good fit for our site.

*Submissions must be of good taste. No foul language---no bashing. Find a mature and professional way to discuss issues that carry a negative connotation.

*Submissions must be between 400-2500 words in length.

*Photos are allowed as long as you either confirm you have permission to use them or send me the link of the site from which they were obtained. I reserve the right to add or remove photos in a post at my discretion.

*Content may be edited for grammar and punctuation. In the event that wording must be significantly edited, the author will be contacted for permission to edit before publication.

*An author bio may be included below the submitted post with links to the author's website and social media. You do not have to have a website or be on social media to contribute. Affiliate links and links to other sites are allowed in posts at my discretion. All affiliate links are coded "no follow"--no exceptions. Regular contributors will appear on the contributor page with links to websites and social media.

*Please consider interacting with your readers on this site by answering comments as much as possible. I will also be available to respond to comments, but I'd like this to be a community with a lot of participation from various writers.

If you are interested in abiding by these standards and would like to submit a post, please contact me at