Monday, January 1, 2024

2024 Reading Challenges -- Or Lack Thereof


Happy 2024!!
Every year I update this graphic and make a post listing all my fun reading challenge plans for this year. Therefore, I felt like it just wouldn't be January 1st if I didn't do that for 2024! 
However, I've decided I'm going to change up my plan for reading challenges this year. 
Because this, my friends, is going to be a no-obligation reading year!

This is not to say I won't participate in any challenges at all. But rather than joining year long reading events that I may be in the mood for now but won't be in three months, I'm just going to join monthly stuff. That way I can be a little more choosy, depending on my interests and schedule each month. I'm also going to keep up with my lifetime challenges of reading from the 1001 list, as well as the Classics Club, 100 Best in 1899, and Children's list.

I've set my overall reading goal at 80 books for the year and have these loosely defined genre goals:

*Read more American history
*Read from 10 poets (In the past, I've really despised poetry)
*Read 1 play (almost or maybe as or maybe worse than poetry)
*Read more short stories, fables, and fairy tales

I would also like to quit books faster that aren't meeting my standards or that I'm just not enjoying and I'd like to listen to more audiobooks, rather than just meaningless videos. 

So that's what I'm settling with this year and it's gonna be good. 
Happy New Year!!