Saturday, February 22, 2020

Early 20th Century School Volumes

Whenever I find these slim early 20th century classics, I imagine a group of Edwardian era students lounging under a shade tree in a park, chatting philosophically. Just like our generations like their technology to be small and portable, these 19-teens did as well!

I'm currently on a "collecting similar colors" kick and these three will look great in the greens section of my shelves. Someday I'll have the whole rainbow---I'm currently working mainly on pink. Ha! (An eclectic book collector will find any excuse to continue growing her collection...)

I love finding books that carry their history with them. This book of poems is heavily marked on every page. The girl was literally taking notes on the lecture right here in her book. My imagination runs wild with this kind of thing.

The back of Selections from The Sketchbook features a list of other offerings from this publisher. Almost every one of these have been or will be read by my children in the course of their homeschooling. How fun that we are still enjoying these works over one hundred years later!

Books Pictured:
     *Selections from The Sketchbook by Washington Irving, 1901
     *The Mansion by Henry van Dyke, 1911
     *Nine Poems from Goldsmith, Browning, Tennyson, Arnold, 1928


  1. how have i just found this!! i love that bag and the white lace thing where did you get them i need it!!! xx

  2. I love the book with the notes. What an excellent find!